Privacy Policy is a website where we share links of free movie, Subtitle, Information etc available on internet. However we do not hold the copyright of movie so we won’t be responsible for any kind DMCA Issue. We do not share type of Threat or harmful links that can create problem to a user, still use our site in your own risk.

1. What information we collect & how we use them

We do not collect or use any user personal information. However we just collect that information which user gives people publicly and also that information is necessary for us to know that what kind of user is visiting our site.

2. How we use Cookies

We may use cookies and similar technologies for save information in users browser also in other platforms. We use cookies to keep our user friendly so that user can easily access our site second time.

3. Why Log in Is Important

Well there is no condition that user have to login in on our site. Any user can visit but to get full Access on our site user need to be log in is necessary. Like for comment, submitting a request, complain for any error even to give us any kind of suggestion you have to log in first. And also Log in is necessary to know our exact number of fans.

Privacy Policy